What happens when a passion for beauty, color, and uniqueness collide with a love to create things that help others and improve their lives?

The Untamed Daisy is born!

I love making soaps that love your skin. Using coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter (to name a few) ensures that your skin is getting the best treatment.

I enjoy researching and learning the properties of oils, butters, and additives - such as charcoals, clays, and botanicals...and finding out what role they play in pampering your skin. There are so many natural ingredients that are wonderful for your body! I still - after all these years - find the entire process amazing.  From the spark of an idea, to the saponification process that occurs when you mix lye with the oils (did you know that handmade soap contains super moisturizing glycerin whereas commercial soaps often remove it for use in other products), to the color swirling and decorating! I love that you can create this colorful product from scratch that is actually good for you!

Why should beauty and good-for-you be two separate things in soap when they are so often found together in nature?

My mission is to combine my love for colors and textures with products that love your skin!  Every Untamed Daisy product is handcrafted in small batches just for you!

When you buy a bar of soap (or any other product) from The Untamed Daisy, I truly want your experience to be a happy one...from picking it out...to purchasing...to the way your skin feels when you use it!